It’s an interesting time for women (to put it lightly). With marches drawing millions, and workplace changes reverberating in high places the world over, many women feel that their voices are being heard like never before.

Our Yes She Can collection is a celebration of these voices. Perhaps more than any other Molly & Rex collection, it is a personal reflection on the passions of our designers, from live music to motorcycling and a whole universe of callings that aren’t always associated with “she”.

“When I was working on designs, I was drawn to the idea of women taking action on their own terms, in ways that might seem small but can be quite exhilarating. It’s about women feeling inspired to make the choice to discover what brings joy into their lives.”

In representing women, it was important for us to explore a diverse palette of colors, shapes, and styles to bring the artistic depiction of women that much closer to reality. We hope that women who may never have seen themselves on a journal cover can find something to identify with and enjoy in Yes She Can.


“I was inspired by how awesome it is when everyone is represented. It was fun to look through fashion week photos to get inspiration for the clothes in the illustrations. The idea is that women are all powerful, and we can all be stylish and fun too! One standard of beauty does not rule any longer.”

No one knows where the future is headed, but we can be sure of one thing: “She” is going to play a bigger role than ever.

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